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Top Richest Female Social Media Fitness Superstars

top richest female social media superstars

Seeing that I made this exact article for men, equality demands we do equally for women. Now, something interesting came up while doing a little study.

Now not handiest are those ladies packing extreme warmness of their financial institution debts, but the essential superstars also make plenty greater than the guys.

6. Anllela Sagra – $1 Million – $3 Million (Approx.)

Let's start with a bang, the Colombian bombshell and owner of an excellent gluteus maximus-Anllela Sagra. Omit Sagra has been net famous for approximately five years now. During that time, she released her website, workout applications, and apps and got sponsorship offers from numerous products. All these earnings made her a millionaire at the soft age of 26.

5. Michelle Lewin- $five Million (Approx.)

Michelle is another famous name across the block in the health industry. Her health career began at a younger age in her home united states of Venezuela. She worked there as a model for a few years, which required her to be thin/fit. Then one issue led to every other, and she later knew health magazines had been fighting left and right to get her on their covers, all at the same time as retaining a robust Instagram selfie game.

4. Ana Cheri- $5 Million (Approx.)

Ana Cheri is a model who got a bit of wind in her again when she did more than one picture shoot for Playboy. Because of that, she commenced modelling for a gaggle of merchandise and now does health plans, sells bikinis and clothes, and is subsidized by using 1stpharm.

3. Paige Hathaway – $6 Million

Paige Hathaway, at the age of 32, is a social media sports veteran. She's been competing and showing up on diverse health mag covers on account of 2012, and someplace around that time, her Instagram profession additionally started.

Like all fitness Instagram fitness models, Paige Hathaway offers transformation applications, booty construction, and the entirety for both ladies and men. Sponsorship-smart, she's been subsidized by Shredz and is now with Gym Shark. Now, I've seen her internet worth being referred to as being as high as 7.5 million but could not discover resources for those numbers, and much greater credible websites positioned her as worth a chunk more " modest" $6 million greenbacks.

2. Katya Elise Henry – $6 Million

Like a maximum of the ladies in this listing, Katya Elise is, in most cases, regarded by using her superb ass. Her story is miles-recycled, and she has already heard the story. Splendid genetics, the baby of fitness addicts, commenced working out more or less across the time she became 18, and the rest is the cliche is going, records.

She fashions for everybody willing to pay her to accomplish that, sells bikinis, and sells workout packages called "workout routines via Katya." I may cross on approximately her enterprise endeavours, but it's not something you haven't heard about. Bikinis, ass pictures, travel pictures, motivational selfies…nothing you haven't-haven't haven't seen earlier.

1. Kayla Itsines – $ sixty-three Million (Approx.)

Much like it has become the case with the variety #1 spot with the men, I discover myself again at a loss for words at who this character is. In step with her Wikipedia page, in 2016, time-indexed Kayla Itsines as one of the 30 most influential human beings on the internet. Being a social media influencer has been one of the most famous occupations in the past decade, and it's an achievement. Her bio doesn't provide something special that makes her arise from the relaxation of the crowd—an easy Aussie lady who dreamt hugely and laboured closer to an intention. Unlike most women in this listing, her net worth doesn't depend on intense close-up thong pix. She completed the " The Australian Institute of Health" as a grasp trainer at 18 and went up. E-books, workout applications, and, in 2017, an exercise app called "Sweat," which, in keeping with this newsletter, will rake in a mind-blowing seventy-seven million bucks!

Writing all this and doing a little study, I believe that in terms of the health industry, ladies make manner extra than men. Many of these girls make more money displaying their asses on Instagram than a seasoned bodybuilding pro who has won multiple championships.

This opens up the query about gender equality and pay holes. However, after a few beers, that's a communique for you and your pals.

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